shutterstock_148764551Tangara® is a sophisticated mobile application platform that takes the industry leading TRIRIGA IWMS to the next level by delivering enterprise TRIRIGA functionality on to a mobile device. Facilities Operations Managers and field service personnel no longer need to be tied to their desktop computers;  employee productivity is greatly improved through the use of the Tangara application running on their mobile device.

The Tangara application provides an intuitive, user-friendly interface that is tightly integrated to TRIRIGA through the Tangara Server.  The Tangara Server facilitates device management, security services and synchronizes the data and workflows between the mobile device and the TRIRIGA IWMS

Using the sophisticated TRIRIGA job request and services matrices, Tangara users are alerted when they are required to review and approve service and job requests. Requests can be initiated from any location that has wireless mobile coverage or WiFi access. If working in off-line mode, Tangara seamlessly synchronizes with TRIRIGA when WiFi or mobile coverage detected. The intuitive graphical user interface allows mobile Tangara users to easily and rapidly enter information in a controlled manner, direct to the TRIRIGA system.

Tangara is fast. The application starts in a matter of seconds and will automatically log  into the TRIRIGA system. Security levels in TRIRIGA are mirrored on the mobile device, ensuring that staff see the information that is important to them, immediately.

Access and application updates are controlled centrally with application graphical user interface (GUI) updates, distributed seamlessly and in real time to all authorized users without the need for time consuming re-installation.

Tangara Implementation