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Company Overview

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Whitesmiths is a leading provider of customer management solutions with particular expertise in telecommunications. We help telco service providers to better understand and service their customers while safeguarding their investment in legacy systems.

Our customer management systems are designed to enhance the capability of carriers to acquire, manage and retain customers. We have provided highly integrated and scalable end-to-end solutions to service providers in Asia, Australia and Europe since 1992.

Whitesmiths was founded in 1986 by Managing Director John O'Brien, as a specialist provider of high quality software development services that addressed real-time production control, medical and avionics systems and military manufacture processing.

In June 1991, Whitesmiths was selected as a preferred IT sub-contractor to Optus Communications (now SingTel Optus). Whitesmiths has continued to be a key supplier to Optus and has developed and supports two of the top ten systems identified by Optus Mobile as mission critical to their business operations.

Today, Whitesmiths focuses on providing mission critical applications that support customer acquisition and service provisioning, risk management (credit assessment and fraud management) and customer retention. In addition, Whitesmiths specialises in developing mediation software and undertaking systems integration of telephony network components and subsystems.

Whitesmiths is ISO 9001:2000 quality accredited. The company is a member of Australian Telecommunications Users Group (ATUG) and the Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA).

Industry awards won by the company include the CommsWorld Software Vendor of the Year 2002 and the Australia Telecommunications Users Group (ATUG) Award for Services to the Industry in 2001.

Development Philosophy

Whitesmiths is a developer of its own software products and technology as well as an integrator of best in class third-party products from its software and hardware partners. The company has a strong commitment to systems based on open standards and has produced a suite of business support system solutions that fulfil some of the key customer management processes within any organisation; customer acquisition, service provisioning, credit assessment, receivables management and customer retention.

Whitesmiths' products are based on a structured and flexible architecture that serves as a basis for the development of advanced solutions. On a technical level, this means the use of relational databases, distributed client/server solutions, open APIs and object-oriented technology to deliver highly integrated and scalable end-to-end solutions.

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