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Instant Voice Messaging System

A direct and fast delivery of voice messages that will increase the attractiveness and usage of both voice messaging and MMS services.

Mobile Operators are seeking to increase revenue from their existing customers. They are looking for innovative value added services to incorporate into their product offering.
Whitesmiths instant Voice Messaging System (iVMS) is a simple and attractive service that pushes voice messages directly to the handset as Multimedia Messaging Services (MMS) messages -

Grow revenue.
Attract new customer groups.

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WAP access from your handset allowing you to —

Customer Care Web

Customer access to —

Administration access to —


  • Better Voice Mail — near instant delivery
  • Better SMS — Voice instead of text
  • Simple — as easy as receiving SMS
  • Little customer education required
  • Caller identified by name from phone address book or dialled number
  • Quick button push to listen to message
  • Simple single button call reply
  • Easily provisioned — subscriber controllable
  • Much simpler for user — has immediacy
  • Guaranteed message access, regardless of device or network coverage

For more information and a demonstration, contact Whitesmiths on +61 2 8912 1700.

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