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Dexterra Mobile Platform


Dexterra delivers the next generation of mobile software for automating field workers. The most technologically advanced mobile software platform available today, Dexterra enables customers to easily and rapidly deploy process-driven enterprise class applications based upon industry specific requirements.

Click here to download the Mobility Architecture PDF datasheet.

Intelligent Data Routing

In today's complex business environment, every business must contend with managing and controlling an increasing number of business processes, from simple to complex. In almost every case, these processes span multiple domains and multiple systems, each one bringing different functionality necessary to augment their role in the value chain.
It is no longer enough to make business information (“Data”) available to the field. A business must be able to present, manage and receive Data within the context of the business interaction or process irrespective of who, what, where, when or how they are being performed.
Essentially, in today’s complex business world, Data without context results in chaos.

For a comparison between Dexterra intelligent data routing and traditional risky synchronisation technology click here to download the PDF datasheet.

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